South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart urges everyone to communicate over Easter

South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart is calling on people to be considerate of others this Easter break.
South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart is calling on people to be considerate of others this Easter break.

South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart provides readers with a monthly column on regional crime issues.

This month, he discusses issues in the lead up to the Easter break.

As we quickly approach the Easter break, the time is right to remind not just the visitors but everyone, about the dangers this beautiful part of the state hides.

I know it will sound like I am telling some people 'suck eggs' but it has to be done, and on a regular basis for some.

Too many times my team and partner agencies, whether they be the SES on land or our marine volunteers on the water, venture out to look for people who are lost, overdue or just not sure where they are.

Sometimes they are the 'don't tell me about boats' or the 'Leyland Brothers' brigade who know it all and won't or have no need to tell anyone where they are going and for how long.

It's frustrating as anything when they are reported overdue and the professionals who have to go looking for them have no idea where to start from.

Here's the thing. Leave a plan with someone of where you are going, when you expect to be back, your communications and the gear you have with you.

When you do that, this is where we are going to go first and most likely will be quickly successful in finding you.

When you don't, there is so much effort and time spent on a much more massive area to search and will take much longer.

Tell us where you are likely to be and we will go there.

A good idea too is if you change your mind, don't go home when you said you would and maybe go to the pub instead, let someone know. Sounds silly but this happened recently and does now and again.

It is not so silly to those that are placing themselves at risk by going out into sometimes treacherous conditions in an effort to search, locate and rescue.

Have a plan, stick to it, have the right gear, including communications and if anything changes, tell someone. I think I just told you to 'suck eggs'.

If you are an accommodation provider for visitors, do you have this type of information in your rooms for people to see?

If not, please consider it.

While you are at it, please consider road safety material. We are going to see massive influxes of vehicles and people, before, during and after Easter and with that comes the increased risk of road trauma.

How do I know? Because last long weekend, a local south west family planned a funeral for their loved one lost on the roads. Shout out to our other frontline emergency services and health workers.

We can't do it without you and know your families are giving up time with you over the peak period.

Please...please stay safe.