Bunbury animal rescue group looking for foster carers

A BUNBURY animal rescue group is desperately seeking foster carers after already having 13 dogs surrendered this month.

With the WA Government's rental moratorium ending in late March, various rescues throughout the state have seen an increase of surrenders due to tenants struggling to find rentals that will accept their pets.

In an assumed similar situation for the Bunbury Animal Rescue Rehome Care Incorporated, volunteer Rachael Cronin told the Mail that although they have had some surrenders due to the lack of rentals in Bunbury, many have been from change of mind adoptions during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

"We have had a number of surrenders where the dogs seem to have been obtained during COVID, at a time where families likely believed they had more time available to spend with a dog," Ms Cronin said.

The Bunbury Animal Rescue Rehome Care Incorporated group is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that was established in March, 2019.

In April so far, the dogs surrendered were due to the rental situation, owners going into aged care, surrenders from the city and the pound and various other circumstances.

In Western Australia, it is at the landlord's discretion whether to allow a tenant to keep a pet in a rental.

"Now people's lives have resumed to a fairly normal pace, the time available to spend with these dogs has reduced and the owners are no longer able to provide a fulfilling life for the animal."

Ms Cronin confessed that the rescue is indeed concerned for the future should landlords choose not to rent to dog owners.

"This could lead to increased surrenders and also impact the number of people applying to adopt and importantly, the availability of those offering to volunteer as foster carers with us and our current foster homes that are under tenancy agreements nearing end of lease," Ms Cronin said.

The rescue group is now reaching out to the community for support in finding foster carers.

"There are so many factors to dogs needing to be rehomed and the current circumstances have created a perfect storm for rescue groups. We just need more foster carers to place these dogs."

To apply to become a foster carer, visit the rescues Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/bunburyrescuerehome.