12 sites within City of Bunbury to receive renewable energy from July 2022

Project sees Bunbury move closer towards reducing carbon footprint

THE CITY of Bunbury council has this week agreed to work towards reducing its carbon footprint by purchasing renewable energy to be used at selected sites next year.

Through supporting the city's participation in the Western Australian, Local Government Association (WALGA) Energy Sustainability and Renewables Energy Project, City of Bunbury chief executive officer Mal Osborne will now negotiate to enter into a contract with Synergy.

The contract will see natural power provided to the city in increasing percentages over three years.

WALGA helped in negotiating the local government wide contract which will allow the city to reach 100 per cent renewable electricity for the city's contestable sites - excluding Western Power street lighting - by year three.

City of Bunbury mayor Jaysen De San Miguel said the City of Bunbury's switch to renewable energy aimed to mitigate the effects of climate change at a local level, making Bunbury a leader in reducing Western Australia's carbon footprint.

"An increasing number of local governments are indicating a willingness to take part in this project, representing a significant shift towards practical, real and immediate steps to protect the environment," Cr De San Miguel said.

"The city's purchase of renewable energy will see a significant carbon emission reduction over a three-year period - and this is only the beginning of what we can do as a city."

As part of the city's participation, renewable energy will be purchased for 12 contestable sites, which include the city's administration building, the South West Sports Centre, the public library, the airport, the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and more.

The 12 sites currently have a combined annual electricity cost of approximately $600,000.

The purchase of 25% natural power in year one of the project will equal a carbon emission reduction of approximately 578 tonnes, the equivalent of 94,151 Blue Mallee Eucalyptus trees.

Provided by Albany, Collgar and Emu Downs wind farms, the renewable energy will be supplied to the City's contestable sites from July 1, 2022.