Shire of Dardanup excited for new administration/library building

The Shire of Dardanup is calling upon architects to express interest in the new multi-million dollar Shire Administration and Library project.

The three preferred architects, chosen by the Shire’s project team, will be called upon to submit tenders. 

Council deliberated on the matter at its meeting on Wednesday, January 23.

Shire president Mick Bennett confirmed the building would be developed within the Eaton Town Centre. 

Opening out onto Eaton Town Square, the ground floor will feature a library, meeting rooms, a reception area, and spaces for commercial outlets.

The second floor will include office spaces, while the third floor will feature council chambers and maker spaces.

“We are creating a three-storey building with the mindset that it’ll last us for some time, before we’ll need to do anything else,” Mr Bennett said. 

“We’re expanding pretty quickly as a council. With what we’ve got planned, we’ll need to get ourselves ready and get new office spaces. 

“It will enhance the complex, because people will be able to go Eaton Fair and do almost everything at once.” 

The lot will be developed through an arrangement with Citygate Properties Pty Ltd. 

The facility will have a floor area of 6,069m2 and will incorporate timber construction.

“It will be of timber construction thanks to our Timber Encouragement Policy,” Mr Bennett said. 

“We want to encourage timber usage because it’s a major industry within our shire. Timber also has major health aspects, as well.

“We want to go that way, and council is pretty keen to make that happen.” 

Construction is due to start in 2020. 

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